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It's been twelve incredible years and Ladies Touch Events and Travel has brought some of the best parties and travel experiences to the SoCal LGBTQ women’s community. From its trips to Brazil, Thailand, Costa Rica, Lesbian Booze Cruise, Rooftop Summer Series, New Years Black Out Event at the Standard Hotel Downtown, Los Angeles & Long Beach Pride Events, Dinah Shore's leading diverse event- a Touch of Seduction, and the list goes on...it's no doubt of why they've come so far. There's a definite reason why LTE continues to be successful; with building corporate partners, community profit/non-profit affiliates, celebrity appearances, and a database that continues to grow by the day, Ladies Touch continues to excel their patrons expectations. Led by Vivian Perez- a former nightclub manager and recording artist, she keeps her finger on the pulse by seeing how she can continue to fill the void as well as leave a lasting impression because of her excellent customer service. Working in the entertainment and nightclub industry from New York to Los Angeles has also taught her what it takes to throw a hot party. 


Ladies Touch signature feather stroking upon entering all events, began in 2006, when this East coast native with co-partners at the time envisioned invigorating the Los Angeles LGBTQ women’s party scene.  Their mission? To create a diverse, safe, classy and feel good party atmosphere for LGBTQ women. Always providing an all star female DJ lineup -- Spark, Addiction, CakeMixx, Irma Covarrubias, Lady DJ Jamar, Puffs, etc the buzz from these seasonal parties continues.


As of 2016, Ladies Touch has expanded to offer travel events to its roster. They specialize in group travel as most women feel more comfortable traveling abroad with like-minded women rather than alone. They also recognized that there was a void in LGBT travel specifically for women so their mission is to support more women to travel internationally especially to gay friendly and supportive countries. Ladies Touch Travel has had multiple successful trips to Costa Rica, Brazil, and Thailand just to name a few and look forward to traveling to many more exotic places like Greece, Spain in the near future. 

Ladies Touch doesn’t just throw a party or travel, they create an "experience" that's sure to remember and always look forward to. They strive to compliment the lgbtq event scene and travel excursions with upscale venues, diverse clientele, female staff, and a safe environment. As we look forward to taking events and travel to the next level, having a strong run for the upcoming years, we are proud of what we have developed from the ground up! With thousands of beautiful women that come out to get “Touched” for an event or travel with us around the world there is no doubt that Ladies Touch will continue to be one of the most sought after travel and events company for women who love women. Stay in TOUCH as it will only get better....

For more information, please contact us at ladiestouchent@gmail.com or ladiestouchtravelevents@gmail.com