Love to travel, meet people, and have a network of friends? Ladies Touch Events & Travel has an affiliate program to earn money with your email list, phone numbers, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! For just a few minutes of your time, you could potentially earn hundreds even thousands of dollars creating simple posts and event pages which is affiliate marketing. Place a promo code in your posts to make anywhere from $5-15 for events and $50-100 per travel event. As part of our extended network of our affiliate partners, you have an opportunity to earn some of the highest commissions in the industry by promoting products from one of the most established LGBTQ women’s social brands.


Since 2006, Ladies Touch Events & Travel has provided the SoCal LGBTQ women’s community with some of the most memorable events from pride, rooftop, pool, and loft parties as well as travels to Costa Rica, Brazil, and Thailand. Its events attract hundreds of women from the area and the travel group trips have up to 20 women per trip. It’s affiliate program works great for established LGBTQ websites, travel agents, magazines, promoters, social media marketers, and even novice marketers who have a lot of social media followings that want to make extra income or earn free travel.


For Signature Group Travel trips, get $100 per referral that books and confirms a package. Traveler must complete travel to earn full commission. 50% will be paid upfront and 50% will be paid upon completion of travelers trip.

For cruises, earn $50 per cabin for sale of an inside, ocean-view and balcony staterooms, $100 per cabin for sale of Suites (Junior, Penthouse, Owners and Royal Suites) -or- Sell 5 cabins and instead of earning commissions, we will cover the cost of your cruise in advance, so you go free! Just pay taxes and port fees, and the rest is on us. Sell 10 cabins, and we'll cover the cost of a cabin for 2, etc. Any commissions earned on top of those cabins used towards redeeming a free cruise will be paid out as normal! *Free cabin is an interior cabin. Upgrades may be available for an additional cost.

Want to host your own travel group? Traveling with a group adds an extra dimension to your vacation. It also creates the possibility to travel for free and make a little extra cash! Best of all, forming your own Ladies Touch group is easy. We will help you every step of the way, from showing you how to get travelers and market your group to handling all of the logistics and finances.

For Registered Travel Agents

10% Commission of the total travel package or cruise fare. One (1) Tour Conductor Credit for every 10 packages or cabins booked.

**All commissions are paid 4 to 6 weeks after travel or sailing excluding taxes and fees**

For more information please contact